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    TIFF to PDF Conversion

    A TIFF or TIF is an image file that contains one or many images. It’s similar to other more common image formats, such as JPG and PNG, but differs in that it is capable of holding multiple images and sometimes even other types of files. The format is very popular among photographers and graphic artists because it allows them to transfer multiple related images in one uncompressed file.

    Meanwhile, a Portable Document Format file — or PDF — is used for storing and sharing digital documents. Like a TIFF, a PDF can store multiple pages of a document. PDFs are ideal for documents because they look the same regardless of the platform. This means you can draft a PDF using macOS and it will look the same on a Windows PC, which is something you can’t always rely on when using other formats, such as DOC.

    Why should you convert TIFF to PDF?

    While you can compress TIFFs, most of the time they are uncompressed images. This commonly makes TIFFs quite large in size. If you want to email a TIFF, for example, you could run into problems with a file size limit. PDFs, on the other hand, are usually much smaller, making it easier to upload or email. This is an obvious reason to convert TIFF to PDF.

    Likewise, TIFFs usually contain high-quality editable images. If you’re a photographer and want to share some of your images with a prospective client, you might be worried about the client editing them without your knowledge. Converting a multi-image TIFF to a single PDF allows the client to see the images but may limit their ability to share or edit them.

    How to convert TIFF files to PDF for free?

    Our tool can convert any TIFF to PDF for free. To start, upload one or up to 20 TIFFs. You can do this by simply dragging your TIFFs onto the area that says “Drop Your Files Here” or clicking the “UPLOAD FILES” button. Either way, your TIFF will begin immediately converting.

    Once it’s done, you can click the “DOWNLOAD” button underneath your uploaded image. If your TIFF is one image it will download as a one-page PDF. If it has multiple images, they will convert to the various pages of one PDF.

    If you upload more than one TIFF and click the “COMBINED” button, you will get one PDF with all the images in all the TIFFs. The pages will collate in the order in which you uploaded them.

    Regardless of what you’ve uploaded, be sure to download your converted PDFs within one hour. After 60 minutes, our tool wipes the server of all uploads and conversions. If you wait longer than one hour, you will need to upload your files all over again.

    Is it safe to convert TIFFs to PDFs?

    When you upload a TIFF, our tool makes a copy of that file on our server. It then converts this uploaded copy into a PDF. In other words, your original TIFF is left on your computer untouched, so you know it’s safe!

    Our server also deletes all uploads and conversions after 60 minutes. This ensures that we do not store your sensitive data. You can rest assured that anything you upload here will be erased!